10 essential parenting habits that you need to adopt before your kid turns 13 [Part 1]

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So on my last visit to doctor for annual check up of my 13-year-old son, I was informed glibly that my days of greatest influence over my child are finally going to be over. In fact, I will be fourth in the place, after his friends, teachers and doctor. While I helplessly threw a tantrum to reduce the pain of his blasé inditement, my epiphanies around my role as a parent going shallow killed me.

Admittedly, my son’s teenage has spurred already, and there isn’t already enough time that I am spending with him, and of course, that will limit by influence on him. But there is no way that I am going to watch from the rear and let him traverse into his teen years. But luckily, I had developed a few good parenting habits that would help me keep up with my teen’s “dreaded years”. Take a look at these parenting habits to mark your influence in the later years of your preteen.

1.      Never skip the family dinner

So much of your successful relationship with your teen depends upon the amount of face time that you have with them. Set a habit of at least having one meal together for a day. This will help you reconnect.

2.      Don’t use your cell phone during meals or when you are driving

Confession: my inception for alienating tech during meals or while driving came up after the fear of being mimicked by my kids. Trying to use Facebook while eating or texting while driving wasn’t just scary on my part, but also when I imagined my kids doing the same, but in a more reckless manner. The time that’s amidst of a dinner or in car is the best time when you can have very concentrated conversations with your child.

3.      Talk to them about their day

The biggest challenge that parents have is to draw their teenagers’ attention. Before high school kicks in, make sure you have already developed the habit of staying connected to your child on a daily basis. You can thank me when your grown up will call you on Sundays.

4.      Learn more about their digital life

Technology is changing unexpectedly faster than we  imagined. And consequently, it has some positive and also some negative impacts. It’s not strange, but parents always find themselves in the dark about the latest social media trends and apps. By the time your kids will enter their teenage, they will already know what’s up for them in the tech world. Put limits on your kids’ use of technology. Use a parental control like that offered by Trackmyfone.

5.      Put effort in making physical contact

According to Virginia Satir, a renowned psychotherapist, we need 4 hugs to survive through a day, 8 for maintenance, and 12 for daily growth. During teenage, kids don’t find cuddling very amusing, therefore, make a habit of keeping physical contact with your kids during preteen years.

Stay with us to know about the remaining 5 parenting habits.

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