5 Motivation-Killer Phrases That Managers Should Never Say To Employees

Doubt and Fear Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.

Doubt and Fear Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.

We have had a big last season addressing parental issues so I guess it’s time we shift the paradigm towards entrepreneurial issues. We at TMF blog focus to raise micro issues of a workplace that are usually concealed under the façade of temporary success. Many new entrants seem to fail because they ignore these micro level problems. Employee motivation, appraisal and strategic planning are few important facets of employee management. How managers provide feedback to employees matter a lot. It’s the cardinal aspect of effective management. What’s needed is the acumen to interact with employees and not the business jargon. Therefore, I have compiled these 5 phrases which are motivation crushers for employees.  Have a look and make sure you are not using them at your office.

1.     “You are good but….”

What employees can only hear in that phrase is the “but” and that sort of hit straight on their butts. It’s like a premonition that they will be kicked out of the league in near future. Never start your speech of constructive criticism with “buts” in it. If you want to provide some feedback about how a certain task should be performed, recognize their efforts and achievements separately.

2.     “You need to be more like….”

When you are trying to provide feedback to a certain employee, never compare others. What employees will only hear from that phrase of yours is that there is a better employee and you need to be like him. It demonstrates superiority of some employees over others which can be devastating.

If you want to compare your employee performance with something, do that for company’s goals and strategies.

3.     “You will hear a good news soon”

Promotion is the only news that employees consider to be the good news. So unless your employees consider them to be vital stakeholders of the company, don’t mess with their minds. And even if you are planning something like a promotion or training sessions, only share that with your employees when you are close to deliver them, because words like “soon” and “hopefully” fall only on deaf ears.

4.     “Tell me something about your performance?”

Employees hear this phrase as “I know what shit you have been doing at work, so why don’t you spit it out yourself” it’s an extremely tricky question. Some might think that they are doing amazing job while others may presume that they are going down. So never ask questions that are hard on your employees.

5.     “Well its only fine because….”

What employees hear is “you have done some serious mistake and you are only saved due to your years of relationship with my company”. Avoid any kind of language that’s vague or can forward a negative connotation.

If you think that there are other phrases that need to avoided at workplace, share with us in the comments

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