6 Bad Digital Habits You Need to Break Right Away

I think we can all admit that we’ve got a few digital habits we’d rather not let anyone know of. But we do them so often that they’re almost second nature. And sometimes, we forget that those habits may not always be appropriate in certain settings.

Take endless browsing, for example. We’ve all been down that procrastination rabbit hole. Bring this habit to work and you’ve got yourself a real problem. Point is, we sometimes go too far with the freedom that being on the internet on our own devices brings us. Its why we’ve got to break them.

StudyWeb.com has compiled 6 bad digital habits that have got to go:

Individually, none of these might be the worst things you can do with a phone. Put them in a specific context—at work, school, during study hours—and you’ll find how harmful these can really be.

When you think about it, these habits stem from two major factors:

  • Addiction
  • Forgetfulness

Our minds are always so preoccupied in the digital abyss that it often becomes difficult to factor in other things. It is why we forget to backup data or have the patience to practice proper email etiquette.

Then, of course, we’re so horribly dependent on these devices that it makes it difficult for us to function in the offline world.

The best solution? Digital detox. Find a few hours to unplug and really take in what is going around you. The digital trance can be all consuming—taking a breather will help you put your life back in balance. And truly, it is the easiest way to break your bad digital habits.

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