6 way to talk to your child about alcohol and drugs

I guess we don’t have to say that time and again that parenting is not an easy job. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging and toughest jobs you will ever come across. But remember, there is no right or wrong way to parent. However, good parents are those who are always proactive and do their research about all important issues and topics, like drugs and alcohol.

Every parent tries to protect their children from adversities, but many of them fail, and it’s not because they didn’t try enough, it’s because they can’t control the oblivious elements of this world. To keep our kids safe, and to reduce the chances of failing, the only viable option is to stay knowledgeable about all the important issues and equip ourselves to deal with any child problem that we may come across.

Utilize important points

Seize every opportunity to learn and speak to your child. Whether its something you heard on the news or a real life experience, talk to your child about it. When things become relevant to your teen, it becomes easier for them to understand and grasp the bigger picture without feeling confrontational and accused. While talking on an issue with your child, stay calm and focus on the problem at hand. You don’t have to act like you know everything. Don’t make your conversation sound opinionated, because kids hardly listen to opinions. They expect a discussion, they expect rationale.

Take interest in your child’s interest

Spending time with your kids is one those things that largely improves the parent-child relationship. You can do this by watching TV shows or movies (they like) together, and ask them questions if any precarious or controversial topic surfaces. Teens should know that their parents have a knowledge about diverse issues that they can get help with. In short, your teen should be able to relate to you. But if you aren’t well rounded and grounded, your teen will not feel comfortable to come and talk to you for their personal life questions. Also, if you are partaking in your kids’ interests, you have a better chance at anticipating their issues.

Educate your teen

We know that our kids aren’t learning the best things from their surroundings, and that they can easily be captivated by what their peers’ actions. So don’t leave topics like alcohol and drugs untouched, because these habits are usually taken from friends. Your proactive behavior will educate your teen about the risks of drugs and alcohol. If you aren’t very conscious of the stats, you can visit www.drugfree.com to get some help. There is no denying that drugs and alcohol have terrible consequences like addiction, and damage to liver and lungs over prolonged use. If you want your kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol, you have to appall them with techniques. Using stats is one of them. And as we say it time and again, you may also have prove it to them by setting an example. If alcohol isn’t good for them, it’s shouldn’t be good for you too either.

Don’t just talk about the serious issues

You can’t just expect your kids to listen to you if you are all grumpy and serious to them all the time. Engage your teens in normal day stuff and then slowly skew the conversation towards drugs and alcohol. Parents think that this doesn’t work but talking to your kids and asking them about their day, everyday, makes a lot of difference. Your relationship with your child will become more comfortable and it wouldn’t be awkward for you to talk to about them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Start your conversations with lighthearted topics.

Parents! You also need to understand that what may work for one teen, may not work the same for the other. And take note parents, if your kids will see drug abuse in front of them, you can’t expect them not to replicate what they see.

Parenting isn’t an easy job (you know that already), but it’s all right if you make mistakes along the way. However, reflecting on those mistakes is the perfect way for you to make things work out.

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