8 Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner in The Act

Not everything is rosy in the romance world. Everything may seem fine unless one of the partner commits infidelity. Under perfect situations nobody would want to cheat their partner but life, as we know it, isn’t perfect so we have to deal with the horrendous act, called cheating.

There is a popular belief that most of the cheating goes undetected by a suspicious spouse because the one cheating is good at covering his tracks. With the forward march of technology, this is true as people can now easily coordinate their liaisons. A study reveals that men tend to cheat more in their relationships than women for various reasons.

Do your instincts tell you your partner is cheating on you? On confrontation, your partner may swat away your concerns by calling you a paranoid girlfriend or wife. Of course, it can be true if you are the clingy sort but what if by a miniscule, your fears turn out right?

Here are 8 ways that can help you escape the nagging uncertainty from your life. These ways will help you catch your lover in the act and then make an informed decision about him.

  1. Clearly observe the signs

Are there any changes in his routine? Do you find anything peculiar in his behavior towards you? These are the signs you have to watch closely. Suddenly he may start concentrating on his dressing and appearance or could be coming late from work. Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with these changes but if these changes are spontaneous, try to find out the reason behind them.

  1. Snoop into his gadgets

Does your lover act jumpy whenever you touch his gadgets? This is a sign that he’s indeed hiding something from you. When given an opportunity, you must look into his phone, tablet, or PC. Look into his messages and call logs to find anything amiss. If you check his computer or laptop, look into the recycle bin and browse history to determine his recent activities online.

  1. Follow him to places, unannounced

Become a spy agent yourself and follow your partner to important places. If he’s dressed up to hang out with his friends, follow him and see what he does there. He might bring his current flame to a friend’s party or a game. You can also drop by unannounced at his office or home to view his reaction. If he’s angry at you, then something is really amiss. Beware!

  1. Install monitoring app in his phone

If you want an authentic evidence against your partner, a mobile monitoring app is a viable option. Install the app in his phone and then remotely monitor his activities through an online console which offers all the live updates of your lover. You can monitor his calls, texts and chats, email correspondence, multimedia files, online activities, and also track his gps location. A monitoring software monitors and reports target activity undetectably so you can spy on your partner without his knowledge.

  1. Go for spontaneous sex

In a normal relationship, both partners are equally involved in sex and enjoy the activity. If your partner is cheating on you, he might be captivated somewhere else so he will ignore you. If he says no to spontaneous sex, it is something to doubt about. Check his reaction when he’s having sex with you and note how often he agrees to having sex. If he makes excuses, go search for that little Miss Excuse.

  1. Add him through fake profiles

It’s no big deal if you are on his Facebook or Instagram. He might have put you on privacy. Add him by a fake profile and chat with him. If he’s a flirt, he’ll talk dirty with you. You can also look at all those posts and photos that he’s hidden from you. Check his Tinder profile and add him there too. You can determine his character through such measures.

  1. Follow him after a fight

Is he intentionally trying to pick up fights with you? If your partner is cheating you, he will look for excuses to stay away from you. He’ll end up fighting you and walk past the door. This is a perfect opportunity for him to put the whole blame on you and go for his indiscretions. With the pretense to apologize to him, follow your guy and see where he goes.

  1. Keep track of his money trails

Keeping a record of his financial bills can help you determine if there is someone else in his life or not. You must keep account of his credit card statements, shopping receipts, ATM withdrawals, mileage records, phone bills, etc. If he’s involved into someone, his bills with suddenly increase and that can cause you to suspect your partner.

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