Digital Safety Week: 7 Tips in 7 Days—#2 No-Phone Zones

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Sleep is the cardinal aspect of a teen’s health and it’s even proven through studies that smartphones and computers interfere with the sleep cycle of humans. In fact, even if you send just one text or an email per week, it’s going to considerably increase the daytime drowsiness that’s experienced by teens. Studies also prove how screen glow can immensely disrupt melatonin formation inside a body.

The simple solution: Keep phones out of your kids bedrooms during night. If kids will not have their phone with them at night, you won’t have to worry about them staying up at night, because without their cell phones, they won’t.

Frankly, this is not just about their health. It’s also necessary to keep a good balance of offline and online activities of kids. If kids form a habit of using their phones only in public, they will have lesser things to hide or more likely to avoid being victimized by predators.

The limit on smartphone use doesn’t need to be constrained only to bedrooms. Try to implement No-Phone Zones within house at time like:

  • On the dinner table, when especially the whole family is together for the meal.
  • During school lectures.
  • Whenever you have a family time together.
  • During exam time.

How you want to enforce these limits on your teen’s cell phone use can involve your personal discretion. Some parents like to go for a smartphone box where all the electronics are kept, while others may go for a more stringent policy of safekeeping their devices so that they won’t access them at night, quietly.

Well, No-Phone Zones doesn’t need you to take phones away from your kids. Using a parental control app like TrackMyFone can lock the target device remotely.

Add these restrictions into your smartphone contract so that you can enforce the idea that alienating your teens from their electronic devices for some time is going to make their lives better. Let your kids have a privilege to use their cell phone more on weekends and after exams but make sure that doesn’t pave path for cell phone addiction.


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