Monitoring Your Teen’s iPhone Or Android Smartphone

monitor your teen

At TrackMyFone, we believe that parents should have a complete knowledge of everything that formulates a big portion of their child’s life. This is vital to the protection of the children. Parents need to know how their kids are using that major facet of their lives, for now, and for the future. Smartphones come under those “big” aspects of a kid’s life. They have a potential for so much to offer to our kids, but it’s only then, parents help their kids with the responsible use of these electronic devices.

TrackMyFone is the easiest and the best way to monitor your teens’ android and iOS devices. That includes their calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, social media activity and much more.

Kids spend a major chunk of their daily lives on using smartphones. In fact, on average, kids spend unequivocally the same amount of time with their cell phones as they do at school. That’s even more than what they apportion to their daily sleep. Even after all that, many parents are living in the dark about their kids’ digital world. And this uninformed behavior is what parents should be worried about.

Monitoring teens over online safety is still in the pipelines to be pave its way into the mainstream, and one major goal that we want parents to achieve is to ensure that their kids are safe in all possible ways. Digital safety is tantamount to that.

Monitoring Your Kids Effectively

First, starting off with effective monitoring requires you to discuss it with your child. TrackMyFone is the easiest app to install and use. You can use this app onto your kids’ smartphone without their knowledge but that’s not the right way to monitor. Letting kids know about monitoring creates deterrence—rather than looking at their smartphone as something that they are free to play with. Monitoring can act as a constant reminder that they are watched—which is actually a good thing.

Next, start with monitoring as early as possible. If you are expecting your kid to exhibit smartphone use like a responsible adult, you are mistaken. Therefore, it’s always good to start monitoring them when they are young. This way you will be able save them from making a lot of bad decisions. It’s the job of the parents to keep their kids away from making any big mistake that can haunt them for their remaining lives (digital footprints make sure that whatever goes online never goes down). So it’s best to keep an eye on the kids.

Finally, stay up to date with our TMF blog. With our regular posts on child monitoring and safety, there is so much for every parent to learn. Last month, we talked bullying and particularly about cyberbullying. There is always something important coming up. Parents can also learn about the new teen apps and social media trends. The more you will know about teens and tech, the easier would it be for you to parent your teens.

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