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Digital age parenting and pornography

Recently, an unexpected and groundbreaking news got people’s attention—as the famous Playboy magazine called for ending publishing nude and semi-nude photos of women for their magazine—something that was the epicenter of adolescent boys’ and men’s titillation. Pornographic content was the selling point of Playboy magazines and this news didn’t make sense to us, until Scott […]

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Digital Safety Week: 7 Tips In 7 Days—#1 Write down a Smartphone Contract with Kids

It’s a tough summer for parents. Kids’ internet and cell phone use tends to aggrandize in magnitude with every passing day. Therefore, our TMF team has planned to devote this entire week specifically for the teens’ digital safety. If curbing smartphone use seems difficult, we need to make sure that it’s not used inappropriately. When […]

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Online Dating And Teens—Is It Okay?

Teens undergo strong hormone spikes that magnify their feelings and instigates a strong desire to love and find romance. And it’s natural that they resort to dating websites and social media to find a date. Today we will be covering online dating in our society and how it plays a role in shaping our teens. […]

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