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5 No-Phone Zones for All Parents and Kids

The invention of cellphones has influenced our cultural landscape. They have completely revolutionized the human society by expanding the communication arena and offering numerous other uses such as information access, playing games, online business, etc. People today are hooked to their phones, irrespective of their age. The alias generation is born in the lap of […]

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The after-school digital etiquette guide

Those days where kids would simply rush to their homes after school are gone, forever. Now, kids have different plans and most of them usually involve friends and staying away from home, be it an after-school extra-curricular activity or just a hang out for a cup of coffee. Kids have been spending enormous amount of […]

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How Virtual Reality will affect your teen?

Sometimes I just think that parents aren’t as technologically challenged as we have presumed them to be. As a mother, I don’t find myself awing at terms like Augmented or Virtual Reality, nor do I have come across parents who don’t know how to use smartphones, Smart TVs, iPads, etc. And in fact, most of […]

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Explosive teens versus oppositional defiant: the right way to handle your child

Recently, I have had a conversation with parents who were complaining about their kids’ inability to control/regulate emotions, to adapt and be flexible to any change of plans on their request. Some teens simply get overwhelmed under such circumstance, while others may burst into tantrums, arguments and and absolute resentment and disagreement. When you do […]

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