The Recovering Addict’s Guide to Becoming a Responsible Digital Citizen

digital addiction

As if addiction to alcohol or drugs wasn’t enough, the turn of the century brought with it a whole new line of dependence. So now we’ve got ourselves internet addiction, which is pretty problematic, too. A recent incident of a teen who died from gaming 40 consecutive hours is an example. I was once an internet addict too! But there were few things that kept me from drowning too far. It’s not that difficult. Parents can learn and teach their kids not to adopt bad digital habits. Here is your guide over few digital etiquettes that every person should know about these days. Especially if you are a recovering internet addict.


I understand that technology isn’t always the parent’s area of expertise but to be a good digital citizen, it doesn’t require much. Just an understanding of how valuable our time is can alone make a lot of difference. It’s not just the kids who waste time, we all do! Parents can positively reinforce their kids’ behavior by encouraging them to take part in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Want to know the characteristics of a responsible digital citizen? Go through this infographic:

For starters, parents should teach their kids to do the following:

  • Respect other people’s opinion on the internet.
  • Stand up against any sort of bullying and harassment, for yourself and others too
  • Never ever share your personal information with anonymous people
  • Learn to not to completely live over your devices.

Via Sandy Liptak

What I’m trying to stress upon here is that parents not only need to learn the drill of the digital world, but also teach them to their kids. Just as your kid’s conducted in the offline world heavily relies on you, the parent, their conduct in the cyber-verse also does. Parents’ participation can ensure a dwindling down effect over cyber bullying and the related issues.

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