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The Most-Trusted Mobile Monitoring Software for Parents and Employers

  • Monitor calls, text messages, emails and social media
  • Track phone location in real time
  • Remotely lock or wipe a phone
  • Block installed apps

Our Mobile Monitoring App Is More Powerful than Your Teen’s Tantrums!

Because nothing matters more than your child’s safety.

Calls Logs & Phonebook

Monitor all the missed, outgoing and incoming calls; even the contacts stored on a phone.

IM Chats

Get access to all chats and multimedia from apps like WhatsApp, Messenger for Facebook, Skype, iMessage, Viber, Line, Kik, etc.

Location Tracking

Monitor phone’s location from anywhere with TrackMyFone's GPS tracking.

Instant Alerts

Get all your necessary details from monitored device to your inbox in real time so you don’t miss out on anything important.

App Blocker

Block unwanted and inappropriate apps on a phone. Block or unblock apps whenever you want and that too remotely.


Mark unsafe places on TrackMyFone Map and get instantly notified when your child goes in or around them.

Our Mobile Monitoring App Is More Powerful than Your Teen’s Tantrums!

Control Screen time

Parents’ biggest concern nowadays is how they can get their kids to put down their phones and tablets. TrackMyFone solves this enigma by providing guardians control over kids’ screen time. So expect better sleep, improved grades and a healthier mind and body when you get Trackmyfone on their phones.

Manage Apps

You can view the apps installed on your child’s personal phone and even block the ones that aren’t suitable for them. You can block and unblock apps whenever you want. You get to manage the apps that your children can use.

Outdoor Safety

TrackMyFone is not just a digital safety tracker. It goes with your child wherever they go, providing you every update on their location. So let your kids live the real world without any fear!

Watchlist Phone Activity

Are there any friends on your kids' phonebook that they shouldn’t be talking to or the places they shouldn’t be visiting? You can Watchlist their contacts, location and more when you get TrackMyFone and get instant alerts for the watchlisted activity.

Our Mobile Monitoring App Is More Powerful than Your Teen’s Tantrums!

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