Android Premium

  • $5.83
    Per month
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 12 months

iPhone No-jailbreak

  • $6.25
    Per month
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 12 months
  • * iOS 14.4 Compatible !
Features Android Premium iPhone No-Jailbreak

Call Monitoring

Call Logs

Names and Numbers

Marked Numbers

Text Messages

View SMS


* mark indicates that these features will work only on Rooted Android devices.

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying TrackMyFone

You’re just a few minutes away from monitoring with TrackMyFone! Simply pick the subscription you want and click on Buy Now. Once you’ve placed the order, you will instantly receive the details of your account along with the installation guide.

To use Android Premium Package you will need one-time physical access to the target device. Once the app is Installed in target Android device, you can monitor everything remotely through the control panel.

You can enjoy many features without Rooting your Android device however, some features like IM chats will only work with Rooted devices.

TrackMyFone works perfectly on Non-Jailbroken iOS devices. All you need is the iCloud credentials of target device—no physical access or installation is required!

Our Mobile Monitoring App Is More Powerful than Your Teen’s Tantrums!

Buy TrackMyFone

Subscribe to get your copy of TrackMyFone. Click on Buy Now anywhere on the site to get started.

Install the App

Download and install TrackMyFone on the target phone using the instructions provided via email.

Start Monitoring

Log in to your account and start monitoring all the calls, texts, IM chats, emails, etc.

  • What is TrackMyFone?

    TrackMyFone is a smartphone and tablet monitoring application. Once installed, it transmits all of the device’s data, including GPS location, onto a web based control panel.

  • How Does TrackMyFone Work?

    You need to install TrackMyFone onto the device you wish to monitor. After that, you’ll be provided with your account details which you enter on the control panel. From here, you’d be able to see and monitor all of the device’s data. You can access the control from your own computer or phone.

  • Does TrackMyFone work on all mobile phones?

    TrackMyFone works on all Android smartphones and tablets, and all iPads and iPhones. To check if it will work on your device, you can check out our Compatibility page.

  • How can I get TrackMyFone?

    To get TrackMyFone, go to the Buy Now page, or click on any Buy Now button anywhere on the website.

  • How do I install it onto my child/employee’s phone?

    You will have to get hold of their smartphone or tablet for a few minutes and physically install TrackMyFone into them. You won’t need physical access to their device after that—the app will work through control panel.

  • Can I install the app without physical access to device?

    No, there is no way you can install the app in that way. You will need physical access to the device and install TrackMyFone yourself. But you won’t have to get hold of their phones after that.

  • Is it legal to buy and use TrackMyFone?

    Yes, it is legal to use TrackMyFone for:

    • Monitoring your children under the age of 18
    • Monitoring the company-owned devices that your employees use with their consent

    For any form of monitoring of a device, you need proper authorization. However it is your responsibility to determine whether you have the authorization and whether the use complies to local regulations and jurisdiction.

    If you are dubious, contact your own legal counsel. TrackMyFone is not at liberty to provide you with legal counsel.

  • Where can I get TrackMyFone?

    You can purchase TrackMyFone from this website only.

  • What will I see in my card or bank statement?

    Trackmyfone purchase will appear on your bank or credit card statement as ser

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