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How Does TrackMyFone Call Log Monitoring Work?

TrackMyFone Call Monitoring feature is a great way to watch over the call logs of the phone or tablet. With it, you can easily check the call logs of your kids or employees to see who they are in contact with, along with other useful details as well. Here are all the things you can find out:

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls
  • View all missed calls
  • View names and numbers of callers
  • Check the time and date stamp of each call
  • Check the call duration
  • Create alerts for specific callers
  • Get notifications on specific callers

Monitor All Phone Call Logs With Ease

Lots of parents worry about who their kids are talking with on the phone all the time for fear of their safety. And lots of employers lose sleep wondering if their employees are leaking company information to third parties behind their back. TrackMyFone call monitoring takes those qualms away by putting you in control! You’ll always know who they’re in contact with no matter where you are.

Features Android Premium iPhone No-Jailbreak

Call Monitoring

Call Logs

Names and Numbers

Marked Numbers

Text Messages

View SMS


* mark indicates that these features will work only on Rooted Android devices.

Our Mobile Monitoring App Is More Powerful than Your Teen’s Tantrums!

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