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TrackMyFone iPhone & iPad Edition

Looking for the most powerful iPhone Monitoring App? The perfect iPhone Monitoring App is here!

  • Start monitoring iPhone & iPad in minutes
  • No jailbreak, download or installation.
  • Only iCloud Credentials required
  • 30+ features, including calls, texts, & location tracking
  • Compatible with the latest iOS firmware

Cut no Slack when it comes to child’s safety!

Upgrade to TrackMyFone No-Jailbreak solution for iOS and enjoy intrusion-free monitoring and tons of features.

Phone Calls

Incoming, outgoing and missed call logs.


Sent and received text messages.


All contacts saved in the phonebook.


Saved calendar entries on a phone.


WhatsApp chats, call logs and multimedia.

Web Activity

Internet browsing history and saved bookmarks.


Saved photos on the monitored device.


Alerts for specific contacts, words, and locations.

Our iPhone monitoring solution is what comes closest to ‘effective and affordable in one’

Remote Device commands

Not just see what your kids are doing on their phones but take control of it. Lock their phone or apps during sleep or study hours and help them get better routines, healthier lifestyle and better grades.

Watchlist Phone Activity

Get alerts for who you care about the most. Are there places you don’t want your child to get to? Are they making friends with people you don’t trust? This Monitoring App for iPhone lets you watchlist such places and contacts for instant notifications right in your inbox for any related activity.

Location tracking

Get location history for the entire day, month or year(s) because TrackMyFone likes to keep a record for you of your child’s outdoor activity.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media tracking is an integral part of kids’ online safety. Watching over their online friends, chats, and multimedia ensure lesser chances of bullying or harassment.

Our Mobile Monitoring App Is More Powerful than Your Teen’s Tantrums!

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Install the App

Download and install TrackMyFone on the target phone using the instructions provided via email.

Start Monitoring

Log in to your account and start monitoring all the calls, texts, IM chats, emails, etc.

Features iPhone No-Jailbreak
Call Monitoring
Call Logs
Names and Numbers
Marked Numbers
Text Messages
View SMS
* mark indicates that these features will work only on Rooted Android devices.
  • General
    • How is TrackMyFone’s iPhone app different from others?
    • TrackMyFone for iPhone works with no download and installation and without jailbreaking an iOS device. Moreover, it works with the latest iOS firmware, unlike other parental controls.

    • What iOS devices are compatible with Trackmyfone iPhone monitoring app?
    • TrackMyFone works with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or above. The app works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

    • How does TrackMyFone for iPhone work?
    • TrackMyFone iPhone parental control uses iCloud credentials to monitor activity on iOS devices.

    • Is it legal to use TrackMyFone?
    • TrackMyFone is 100% legal monitoring app that requires a legal consent of the person that’s been monitored via the app. It’s highly advisable to check with the digital surveillance laws of your state before using TrackMyFone.

  • FAQs for No-jailbreak-Required Solution
    • Does my iPhone or iPad require a jailbreak?
    • NO. Your iOS devices can work with Trackmyfone without the need of Jailbreak. Only icloud ID and password from the target device is required to avail the services.

    • Do I need to install Trackmyfone on the target device
    • Trackmyfone can work without installing anything onto the target device. Only icloud credentials are required to monitor the target iPhone or iPad. Note that for Trackmyfone’s Jailbreak-free version to work, iCloud backup needs to be toggled on.

    • How often data from the target device is uploaded to my account?
    • Your Trackmyfone account will be updated every 24 hours after the last iCloud backup. iCloud automatically backups data if the target device is plugged in, locked and connected to Wi-Fi. Uploaded data will be displayed on the control panel after 3 automatic backups. You can check the backup details: settings→ iCloud→ Storage and Backup→ Last Backup

    • How to backup iCloud?
    • Data will be automatically backed up from the target device to Trackmyfone’s control panel every 24 hours, as soon as 3 automatic iCloud backups take place. Data on iCloud will only backup if the device is plugged in, connected to Wi-Fi and locked. To determine if iCloud backup is enabled See FAQ#2 To check the details about the last backup settings→ iCloud→ Storage and Backup→ Last Backup Wi-Fi setting can be changed: Settings→ Wi-Fi→ Green→ Choose Network Note: The default iCloud storage is 5 GB. If it’s full, Trackmyfone will not be able to function. To check storage space available: Settings→ iCloud→ Storage and Backup