Dadvice: 8 Good Parenting Tips for Dads

When we talk about parenting, we mostly have tips and advices for moms. What role does a dad play in upbringing his child whether single or as a co-parent? The art of fatherhood has not merely evolved as a monetary institution for kids. His duties and responsibilities extend much beyond then donating a sperm.

In the techno-digital era of today, the role of father has evolved due to societal changes. With the rise in the number of working women, there has been a shift in parental roles of both a father and a mother. The changing parenting styles has escalated the role of a father in his child’s life. Ask a father today and he’ll tell you there is a huge difference in his relationship with his kids to that of his own with his father.

Fatherhood is a challenging yet a worthwhile experience. Modern fathers have to face complex situations, thanks to proliferation of tech gadgets, but at the same time they have become more reasonable and open-minded. Various studies show that affectionate fathers tend to have kids with greater self-esteem.

Here are some tips for father to become confident in their parenting abilities and become a great dad.

  1. Spend time with your kids. Do not be afraid of being along with your child. Be it a boy or a girl or both, try to have a strong bond with them so that they can under your care and protection. Make sure your child is not intimidated by you. When two of you spend some time together, this will remove all the communication gaps and reservations the two of you have.


  1. Stay in the loop. Due to the change in dynamics of society, the excuse that kids are more attached to moms as they spend more time with them is invalid. No matter how busy you are in your job or other activities, you need to be aware and informed of whatever’s happening in your child’s life and be there to guide them at every step of life.


  1. Be their role model. A father is the first male person a child encounters in his life. a child looks up at his father and tries to imitate him in different things. A daughter learns from her dad the way she must be treated by the society. She idolizes her father and looks up for those things in her partner. A son gets from his father how he must face the world and treat people around him. A father is a person who teaches important aspects of life to his children.


  1. Speak wisely in front of your kids. Dads are mostly of carefree nature and do not think much before they speak. What they don’t know is that their words mean much more to a child. If a father speaks foul language and treats his wife with disrespect, the children will adopt it quickly. This will affect their cognitive development, and make them more prone to social evils such as bullying, substance use, etc.


  1. Teach them good manners. Teaching values is not the role of a school or a college. A child is a reflection of his family because he learns at an early stage from his family. All the core values that make your kid a successful individual must be instilled in them from an early age. Teach them to say please and thank you. Let them know the importance of being interdependent so that they can carry out healthy relationships in society.


  1. Say ‘No’ to them without being authoritative. You don’t need to scream at your child whenever they do something wrong. Try to talk to them in a friendly manner so that they can always look up to you to fix their problems instead of running to their friends or strangers. If your kid demands something that’s unapproved or out of your reach, politely say ‘no’ to them and teach them to be understanding rather than becoming rebellious.


  1. Show interest in their activities. It’s not only a mom’s duty to take the child for games or friend’s birthday. Take time out form your work so that you can attend their parent-teacher meetings and school games. When you interest in their activities, this will motivate your child and boost their confidence, enabling them to perform better in their tasks.


  1. Cuddle them and show them affection. A child only demands your love and attention. If he’s given both these things at an early age, he will tend to become a better being. Hug them and snuggle them frequently. Sometimes a peck on the cheek or a pat on the back does wonders. It shows your kids that you have their back no matter what. It also teaches them resilience for future life.

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