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5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Infidelity

Ask couples and they’d say the deal-breaker in any relationship is infidelity. Under perfect circumstances, nobody would want to cheat their partner but life, as we know it, isn’t perfect so a partner has numerous reasons to betray another. Sometimes all is well in a relationship but your fear of being cheated can destroy your […]

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8 Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner in The Act

Not everything is rosy in the romance world. Everything may seem fine unless one of the partner commits infidelity. Under perfect situations nobody would want to cheat their partner but life, as we know it, isn’t perfect so we have to deal with the horrendous act, called cheating. There is a popular belief that most […]

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Stop Sex Trafficking with TrackMyFone

On 5 March 2017, the horrible face of sex trafficking once again came into the light. A survivor of this gruesome reality of our society finally came forward as a voice for several other victims to say this is not okay. She was twelve when someone forced her into believing this is okay and started […]

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Is smartphone a good Xmas gift for your tween or teen?

Holidays are just around the corner! Along with jingle bells, tinsels, charity drives and everything else that comes on the minds of the kids to ask for from Santa.  While some parents shop around for hours, sifting through every possible item to present their kids with the perfect gift, some parents may have already considered […]

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Anti-Bulling Month: Lesson #2— Anti-Bullying Laws and Programs and Their Significance?

As we have always emphasized the role of the state to ensure a bully-free environment, it’s now scientifically proven that anti-bullying laws and programs do help in curbing bullying from the society. A study conducted in 2013 reveals that schools that have special programs to combat bullying are successfully able to reduce its occurrence by […]

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