The Role of a Parental Control App in Modern-Day Parenting

No matter how confident one’s parent maybe, the pressure to protect their children from online perils, as well as those in the real world, can get to them. Thanks to the widespread adoption of the digital technologies by the children, parents are facing the toughest challenge they have ever come across.

Today, kids are more likely to run a query over search engine before asking their closest friend or parents. It is occupying their minds, irrespective of the fact how grave or absurd the subject is. These are the kids we are raising in the present day.

Even if you are not willfully coaching them to do so, your children are going to use the internet to get the answers, entertainment, and solace. This is because the online world soothes them where real world fails them.

Speaking about the online dangers pertaining to children, New York-based Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said, “We used to worry about our children wandering into bad neighborhoods [but] now our children live online, and we have to police the internet the same way we police the streets.”

Perhaps, Schneiderman was pointing towards the only viable option for parents, the parental controls. The basic role of the parenting apps is to allow parents to securely monitor their children’s internet usage. Though this option is in use for many years now, but lately the role of parental control in keeping the digital kids safe has finally started gaining recognition.

A Pew Research Center survey revealed parents of 13 to 17-year-olds came to know that today’s parents are taking wide-ranging actions to monitor their kid’s online lives in order to sway them to use technology in an apt and responsible manner.

So what are the major online risks against which parental controls aid you protect your child?

Pornography and cyber bullying are two major online threats that are still giving nightmares to many parents. Digital parenting apps empower you to protect your kids against these menaces.

What about cyber stalking, internet and gaming obsession?

The parental control apps come in as a handy option in these instances too.

What are other benefits of using parental controls?

  • Peace of Mind
  • Monitor from Anywhere at Anytime
  • Stay Connected

Peace of Mind

By using parental control apps, you can see and put a check to your kid’s activities. So evade worries and concentrate on your children with peace of mind.

Monitor From Anywhere at Anytime

The remote access feature of parental control apps gives you the power to access or monitor your kids’ activities from anywhere at any time. You no longer need to be around your kid to ensure their security.

Stay In Touch

With parenting apps, you won’t be able to miss out a single activity in your kids’ lives. They allow you to stay in touch with your kids 24/7.

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