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Lifestage: Facebook wants to win back on teens with its Snapchat and Instagram inspired app

Facebook literally lost all of their teen users as soon as apps like Snapchat and massively improved on their features. Lifestage, however, is a standalone app that aims to win back all those users who now prefer to use other social media platforms that provide them more sharing options like “stories”, and not just photos […]

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Teen apps in focus: Everything parents need to know about LINE

LINE—another instant messaging app was designed during the Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan in 2011. The purpose for developing a Instant Messenger app was to provide people to connect with their families, coworkers and loved ones around the world through internet, because the natural calamity had left national communications collaterally damaged. Just like other social […]

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Good News: Teenagers are not drugging, smoking or drinking like they used to in the past—study reveals

When we look around, the world seems to be approaching the apocalypse that we have always been hearing of since our inception. And this madness is especially seen amongst parents who consider their teens to be awfully irresponsible and addicts. But a new study regarding teens just reflects how negativity may be the reason why […]

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