5 Problem Employees and How to Deal With Them

employee problems in office

Problem employees can be found in any workplace. Sometimes the problems that they bring in with them are quite eminent like productivity losses, attendance issues and failure to meet deadlines. But usually, many other more devastating problems are cloaked under subtle mannerisms of the employees. They would tell you that everything is ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ but during their actual point of trial, they stumble.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to reinforce workplace behavior every time a new employee comes in. Sometimes you may have to deal with patience, for instance, in case of a groggy worker. But in other cases, when problems are bigger and more worrisome, an immediate action would be required to stave off any major loss. VitaminTalent elucidates the cost of a bad hire:

Here are the 5 type of problem employees and what can you do about them:

The Pretentious So-Called Pro

You may feel like you’ve hired a winner but this kind of employee usually comes up with a lot of fabricated confidence, giving the assurance of quality work and responsibility. But soon enough, you will get to realize how big a ‘Noob’ your new recruit is.

Solution: set a probationary period before you actually hire someone. Usually 3 months are ample to scrutinize an employee’s skill and performance.

The Scofflaw

This employee will bring you a bunch of money but with a lot of pain in the butt; bucking rules and procedures at work. These employees engage in risky behavior like driving recklessly or drinking on the job. Legally speaking, this sort of behavior can put forth many liabilities for the employers within the scope of employment.

Solution: employers should a policy of ‘firing fast’, for employees who are not willing to follow the rules.

The Free Rider

You may find this one person in every office. Someone with a laid back attitude, who absolutely gives no cares about anything. Managers are the last ones to know about any such employees and even if they do, they will find them watching videos on YouTube or playing video games on their laptops and smartphones. The team usually has to bear the loss for their slack as they are not very regular or effective with performing their tasks.

Solution: identify and weed out these employees as they are just a burden for the company. You can use a smartphone monitoring tool to know which employee does how much work.

The Sour Apple

These are the employees with negative minds, who would bad mouth the leadership and the company to fellow employees. They might not be the friendliest people and you will occasionally find them discontented with their work. Their mood swings can also sever you company’s relationship with the customers.

Solution: Frankly speaking, you don’t have to whine to them about their irresponsible and acrid behavior. Simply state the problem and then tell them why it need to change.

The Filcher

Even if you show immense diligence in hiring your employees, there is little you can do about the ones who are planning to go rogue against your company. They might not come into your company with an initial intent of cheating but over time, factors like discontentment, greed and desire can change their attitude.  These employees might slip off all the vital information from your company’s database to their smartphones to set up their own competing firm.

Solution: security systems and surveillance is the answer. However, startups can invest in mobile phone monitoring which can do the job for them in fewer bucks.

The general rule for solving any employee problem is direct communication says Lisa Guerin, co-Author of Dealing with Problem Employees. So get your heads straight and start talking to your employees!

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