Plan safe year-end parties for your kids with Trackmyfone’s safe party planner

If your kids’ discussions about new-year parties give you chills, it’s time that you get into the front seat and tell your kids how to plan a safe teen party. Using our TMF safe party planner, you would be able to organize and set rules around how to run the party. By listing down all the things correctly on a party planner, you would actually be helping everyone set real expectations about the party, and also that everyone will have a great night.


When filling in the planner, make sure to categorically state whether you will provide alcohol or allow smoking or drugs at the party.


Check out our Trackmyfone’s safe party planner to guide your kids with planning a safe and fun party with their friends.



Pre-planning is the key

You got to plan things beforehand to avoid the last-minute whining and crying of your child. Moreover, this will in fact help everyone get their expectations right about the party; something that’s pertinent for the kids to have fun.



This is exclusively your department and you need to decide a budget prior to any other thing. You will be able to decide the number of guests that could be invited, and the type of catering and entertainment arrangement that could be done.



Before finalizing a location, make sure that you consider the following:


  • Insurance: If you are having party at some venue, ask the venue management about the insurance terms; if you are going to have the party at home, don’t forget to find out about your liability insurance cover.
  • Security: How would you ensure that the gatecrashers would be prevented? How would you take care that your pets will be safe during the party at home? How to determine which locations should be off limits and how to ensure that they will stay off the limits.
  • Neighbors: Your neighbors need to be told about the mess that your kids are going to create prior to a party.
  • Cleaning: Who will be responsible for the after-party cleanup?


Guest List

It’s time to talk about the guest list, so you would be required to get down with your child and talk to them about guests that will be invited and their ages too. Moreover, you also need to know if there will be some “trouble makers” invited to the party to keep a special eye on them.


Start & Finish Time

A prescribed start and finish time would allow you to keep the party under control. You also need to specify when the music will be turned off, and when the drinks will be stopped.


You may also need to need register your party with the police

It’s a very nice idea to get your party registered with the local police. The police will help you with safe partying tips, noise regulations and can even assist you if the party goes unexpectedly out of control.


The benefits of written invitations

If you haven’t considered sending written invitations, check out the following reasons why you should:


  • Sending a written invitation and requesting parents to RSVP on kids’ behalf would make it possible for other parents to talk to you and share their contact details.
  • You can easily work out how many guests would be able to make it for the party.
  • Invitations reiterate the fact that the party is only for the invited individuals; you could also request showing the invitation at the door. Make sure you mention that on the invitation card.
  • You can also mention your expectations to the guests about the dress code, starting and finishing time, and whether alcohol will be provided, etc.


It’s not a great idea to invite the guests via a Facebook post, SMS, or email. This mode of invitations has failed in the worst manner. Check out this video of a father who invited the whole town to his daughter birthday party via a video that said, “you all are invited to my daughter’s birthday party.”


How to make the party fun?

With so many preconditions in place, it’s going to be hard for you to pull off a party that’s packed with entertainment. But if you do want to add some flare, talk to your child about planning activities like table soccer, pool, music, games, karaoke, and even movies.


If you are going to have a theme party, it could also help you take your children’s and guest’s attention off the alcohol. Remember, you need to organize decorations, drinks and food that would go inline with the theme of the party.


Drugs and Alcohol

It’s not always the safest idea to be the legal host of a party that involves booze and teens. Providing young people with drinks at a party could leave you with consequences even after the party when you guest would leave while bring drunk.


Making a decision

Remember, there is one simple rule that you have to follow, i.e. don’t serve underage guests. Make sure to check with the local laws of your state before making arrangements for alcohol. And remember that even if it’s 18th birthday of your child, some states’ secondary supply laws prohibit serving underage guests with alcohol without their guardian or parent’s legal permission illegal.



If you are planning to serve alcohol at a party, don’t forget to the following:


  • Tell the parents of the guests ahead of time.
  • Ensure that no under 18s are served alcohol.
  • Setup a contract without your child about adult supervision and alcohol.
  • Don’t make alcohol available from more than one spot at the venue, and have an adult responsible for serving the drinks.
  • Only serve low-alcohol drinks and try not keep the supplies to a minimum to avoid people getting drunk.
  • Try to keep the salty snacks to a minimum if you are serving alcohol on the party. This could encourage them to drink more. Or you could also make arrangements for sodas.
  • Have a plan for sleeping over guests as some of them might not be able to get back to home in time.


Dealing with the drunk guests

Talk to your child how you would be taking care of the drunk guests. Have the privilege of sending home the intoxicated guests as they could ruin the party or even put themselves and others at a risk. It’s also a good idea to have some arrangements for the transport to ensure they get back home safely.


Dealing with the gatecrashers

Gatecrashers are becoming a norm at teen parties, but you could take care of them by taking the following steps:


  • If you are concerned about the security of the party, limit the guest list. Because less people would mean less trouble.
  • For a big party, consider hiring some professional security.
  • Keep a single entrance to the party.
  • Offer around drinks and food to keep an eye on all the guests.
  • Make sure that the parking is not blocking the vehicle access for emergencies.
  • If gatecrashers arrive, just call the police.

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