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On 5 March 2017, the horrible face of sex trafficking once again came into the light. A survivor of this gruesome reality of our society finally came forward as a voice for several other victims to say this is not okay. She was twelve when someone forced her into believing this is okay and started selling her body for money. At the time, she was in the second year of seventh Grade. In her interview, when asked who the buyers of this market are, she said, “they are mostly middle-class white men, in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. They have wives at home but they don’t care, and they just want what they want… It’s happening all over Duluth”

The victim was in this trap for twenty-five years, knowing it was wrong she had no choice. She had a troubled past as a child, which did not give her the right idea about boundaries. She didn’t know when to say no and admit that it is not right to have sex for money. However, thanks to mobile monitoring apps like TrackMyFone, parents can keep their kids safe and protect them from a bad company that misleads vulnerable minds into wrong deeds.

Here’s her interview with concealed identity.

Shocking Facts We Ignore about Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is a very serious problem in modern society, sadly, it is staring at you right in the face, but most of us keep our eyes and minds closed. Traffickers use all kinds of methods to get their victims and force them to do this heinous act. They use force, fraud, coercion to persuade, blackmail, and threats. According to a news by the Globe and Mail, in 2014 an incidence in Ottawa led to the arrest of a ringleader teenaged girl, promoting prostitution for 6.5 years. Oliver Machado was fifteen at the time of her arrest in 2012. After investigating and finding more evidence, she was guilty of twenty-seven charges including human trafficking, making, and possessing child pornography, and sexual assault. Her case centered on drugging, beating, taking nude photos of five teenagers, and blackmailing them into prostitution.

Disturbing Statistics on Sex Trafficking

A report by Thorn in 2015 revealed that there are as many as 63% underage victims of sex trafficking who are advertised and sold online. Approximately 300,000 teenaged girls in the U.S. become victims of this horrific market every year, and most of them are between the ages twelve and fourteen. Almost 80% of the human trafficking cases are for sex and about 19% are for labor exploitation. Christopher Ashton Kutcher is one of America’s renowned entertainers, and has an anti-human trafficking organization. The organization has successfully rescued 6000 victims and the common denominator in all cases was the internet. Through the internet predators easily find target, and frame kids into trafficking and blackmail.

How Can We Prevent Our Kids from Becoming Targets

The internet is something we all rely on and we cannot prevent our kids from using it either. Right from the age of three, kids start learning to use all kinds of mobile devices to watch cartoons, listen to music, or play games online. Parents supervise their kids as they grow into teenage, and things look good. What happens after they become independent uses of smartphones and social media? Parents tend to relax and become too busy with their professional or personal lives. Ignoring kids is always a mistake and if not taken seriously, there can be lasting detrimental consequences like their falling into a trap of sex trafficking.

Since the internet is the source for predators, installing a monitoring app that allows parents keep an eye on everything their kids do on their devices is necessary. TrackMyFone is a software that empowers parents to read all incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, and messages on IM chats. They can know all contacts keeping their kids busy, check browser history, and access photos and videos too. Moreover, it allows parents to track the GPS location of the devices their kids use to know where they are at all times. Mobile devices are gadgets that everyone has at all times in the present era we live in, which is why using it right can help prevent sex trading.

Kill the Demand and Sex Trafficking will End

Although there have been numerous movements in an effort to prevent sex trafficking and rescuing victims, there is something we need to turn towards. There is the need to direct our approach to all directions. As we educate kids about their boundaries and about how to detect predators and avoid them, we must educate the adults who are buyers in the market about the crime they commit. We need to increase efforts to show adults using children for this heinous act that they are doing something morally wrong. If it is a disorder and buyers have a problem, perhaps it’s time to address those problems too. If we can kill the demand, sex trafficking will end quicker and remain gone from our global society.

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