Pop Culture: The Perfect Topic to Start a Conversation with Your Child

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We have on our blog discussed many times the significance of having conversations with your child about their safety. But parents consider it like the end of world, talking to their kids about sex, relationships or digital safety. If you are a parent and find it embarrassing to talk to your child about their personal life, it still is perfectly normal and actually, this is how every parent may feel like, except for a few like me. The period of anxiety that erupts before starting any such personal convo with your child is what I will try to break in our today’s read.

Parents do use news stories to instigate a feeling of fear in their kids but this isn’t actually the right way. All those stories of things going horribly wrong may seem like providing you an excellent opportunity to begin a conversation, but probably, it’s not going to work. You don’t need to scare the shit out of your child.

The Power of Celebrities and Pop Culture

When it comes to celebrities, they are kids’ role models. If you are starting a conversation with one of their favorite musician or actor, chances are very high that they will listen to you. Many celebrities have recently suffered from the atrocities of hackers who have leaked their nude photos which were stolen from their cell phones and shared online without their permission. Use this example to bring up the issues of sexting and social media privacy concerns in front of your kid.

You may also see celebrities endorsing anti-bullying or other relevant issues of teens. If you know of any particular celebrity that your kid is fond of, check if they have anything to say about on internet safety or privacy.

You could try: oh I just saw [celebrity] working on a special campaign about teen safety. I think it’s pretty great. You should check it out.

Kids feel like that they know it all and therefore, asking them about their opinion is very necessary for successful conversations. Indulge and entice them so that they participate or even commence a real dialogue on their own.

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