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Cyberbullying: it’s worse for the teen girls

Cyberbullying is a digital epidemic that has been plaguing the digital screens of our kids exponentially. Around half of the teen population has been using cell phones on a regular basis and this has really escalated the outreach of bullies. The appalling news is: Tween girls are the biggest victims of online abuse. The results […]

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Lifestage: Facebook wants to win back on teens with its Snapchat and Instagram inspired app

Facebook literally lost all of their teen users as soon as apps like Snapchat and massively improved on their features. Lifestage, however, is a standalone app that aims to win back all those users who now prefer to use other social media platforms that provide them more sharing options like “stories”, and not just photos […]

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Protecting your children in online and real world

It’s so unfortunate to see parents expending all of their time to work, keeping up with the responsibilities of their professional life. But within all this busy routine, parents have been neglecting the responsibilities that they have as parents. Your kids need you more than ever. Now the risks have aggrandized; it’s not just the […]

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The study-time smartphone etiquette guide

Now that the summer time is officially over, it’s time for your child to get back with the school life and studying. But this could be difficult, especially if you had cut slack to your children during vacations. It’s not that simple but it’s totally worth it. it’s your job to guide your child to […]

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4 signs your preteen daughter could be in danger

A recent, and rather highly appalling new report by Center for Disease Control has revealed that suicide rates amongst preteen girls, ages between 10-14, has been risen by almost 200 percent since 1999. But what are the reasons that the suicides have been increasing so quickly, and that too amongst preteen girls? How can parents […]

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The after-school digital etiquette guide

Those days where kids would simply rush to their homes after school are gone, forever. Now, kids have different plans and most of them usually involve friends and staying away from home, be it an after-school extra-curricular activity or just a hang out for a cup of coffee. Kids have been spending enormous amount of […]

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