5 Ways to Prevent Tech Gadget Addiction in Kids

Technology is all around us, constantly demanding our attention. The proliferation of tech gadgets has fragmented the human ability to focus on a task at hand. This is especially true of Generation X as they are more revved up in technology. They won’t hesitate to continue game scoring on the dinner table or texting while in the middle of a conversation.

Many parents have to literally face the kid screaming and kicking when they drag them away from their device. According to a survey, almost 70percent of the parents have to go through kids’ tantrums when they take their device away. This makes children more agitated and frustrated. Parents are often concerned that addictive technology is isolating their kids who prefer to stay within their tech cocoons rather than spending time with the family. Living in the lap of technology doesn’t mean kids have to live with tech addiction, however.

The matter of the fact is, technology without any supervision is not at all healthy for a young person. Therefore, it is important to restrict your kids screen time. Below are the ways that can help you beat the tech burnout of your kids.

  1. Be a role model yourself

A child is a true reflection of his parents. Whatever environment he grows in will depict his personality and character. Don’t forget that your child looks up to you for even the smallest thing in life. For many parents, the easiest way to handle a restless child is by giving him a tech device so they themselves can relax. This is definitely not a good approach. You yourself have to reduce tech usage so that your child will be motivated to follow you. If the parents are busy watching TV or using their phone all the time, the kids will imitate them.

  1. Create no-tech zones at home

To reduce tech addiction, parents must restrict the tech usage in some parts of the home. There should be places at home that must be tech forbidden. Dinner table, for example, must be a no-tech zone. It is said, the family that eats together, stays together. Moreover, living room must also be a tech free zone. It is a place to bond together with family. Many kids use tech gadgets before they go to sleep. This affects their mental health and they’re tired all the time. Parents must make bedroom as no-tech zone so that a child can sleep peacefully at night.

  1. Make a tech schedule

Whether your child wants to watch television, play on his tablet, or use a smartphone, it should all be done within a specific time. In the contemporary times, neither you nor your kid can become a technology recluse, so it’s better to prepare a tech schedule of your child. Make sure your kid stays away from technology when he’s studying or when he’s having exams at school. Allow your kid to watch TV for a maximum one hour and cellphone must be used before dinner time. Based on your kid’s age group, limit his screen time for the day.

  1. Ensure productive technology habits

If you cannot reduce your kid’s usage on smartphones or tablets, engage them in productive activities on these gadgets. Instead of allowing your child to wander meaninglessly on the internet, you can enroll your kid on some educational app, animation, or design app class. Thus, you can put your child’s passion of technology to work. You can rest assure that your kid is engaged in a productive activity that will positively affect his cognitive skills. Programming your kid in some app is an elusive key towards learning that can immensely help him in the future.

  1. Encourage them to earn tech time

Engage your kid in some fruitful activity and then let them earn their tech time. Allow him half an hour of tech time if he finishes his homework earlier or helps you in performing household chores. This is an ideal way to create a stronger bond with your kid and develop communication with him. Letting him earn his tech time is a form of token of appreciation from the parents. It will motivate the child to fulfill all their responsibilities and once they’re used to this restriction, they’ll have more time to spend with you.

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