8 Things All the Great Bosses Do at Work

You might be familiar with the adage, “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses”. In contemporary turbulent business times, being a boss is rather a difficult job. There have to be some inborne skills in the boss that makes the essence of his leadership apparent. You don’t have to be rich with smart brains to be at the top position. Despite the right staff and resources, we’ve seen companies many companies dwindling.

A study in Huffington Post revealed that 61percent of the people working with bad bosses were thinking to switch their jobs while only 27percent of the people working under good bosses considered alternate employment opportunities. This startling reality depicts that working with a great boss can help you dream big and accomplish all the good things.

As it turns out, all great bosses have a lot in common. Apart from having a tangible value, a great boss employs effective strategies to manage his business. Here are some unique qualities of great bosses that they do every day to improve work performance of their organization.

  1. Sharing information with the staff

There are some bosses who try to maintain their power and authority over the employees by holding back some information. On the contrary, a great boss would know the value of information sharing. Through effective communication, a great boss sets a company agenda or goal that not only empowers him but also enhances the work productivity of the employees. Diluting power can help improve worker insight towards company goals.

  1. Contemplates hiring

A good boss will ensure merit-based hiring. A great boss does not think of himself but strives for the betterment of the company as a whole. He will put a lot of thought into hiring the right workforce. Having the best team of people can help you achieve all the set goals. A great boss will know when to begin the recruitment process and will hire those that complement his team holistically.

  1. Give credit when its due

From a simple pat on the back to bonuses, employees must be given whatever their credit is due. Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? If your employees are loyal to you, they must be praised. This helps foster trust between the employer and the employee and improves his motivation level. If an employee knows he will not be appreciated by his employer, the dedication to work hard will subside.

  1. Celebrating wins

Instead of driving the workforce from one project to another, the great boss celebrates achieving each milestone. He looks for reasons to appreciate his employees both publicly and privately. So whether it’s a full-blown party or a mere 15-minute recognition, bosses must celebrate the win. This helps lighten the environment after too much stress and hard work. And the employees become eager to please their favorite boss.

  1. Demonstrate empathy

A great employer can judge things by looking into the face of his employees. If one of your employee is having a hard time at home or in some personal matter, you can listen to their problems and understand their situation. Rather than worrying about the deadlines, a good boss treats his employees as humans and does not push them to improve their performance, especially on their low days.

  1. Open to new ideas

A company only thrives when its employer allows his team to share new ideas to enhance the company creativity. A great boss realizes that every person has a different approach on a set vision so he will listen to each member carefully before making his decision. He does not mind applauding an employee who has a better take than him on a certain matter. Thus leaving a room for creativity is a must.

  1. Accountability of both employer and employees

It is a characteristic of a good employer that he not only conducts his employees as accountable but is also accountable for his own actions. Rather than shouting at employees who dare to state their mistakes, they openly listen to them and accept the blame when wrong. This motivates the employees to do the same when wrong. A great boss has to be responsible for his team’s performance.

  1. Model ethical behavior

A great employer is at his best behavior at workplace so that he can be a role model for all his employees. To regulate ethics and discipline at work, he himself will follow the rules and regulations so that he can ask the employees to imitate his actions. On contrary, if the boss doesn’t follow the rules, the employees will also avoid them and work environment will be negatively affected.


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