6 Bad Work Habits and Their Treatment [Infographic]

employee bad habbits

Every office has a bunch of slackers and procrastinators. But that is not it. There are various other reasons why some of your employees are not able to put up some work on time. These productivity shortfalls are not the just the work of chronic procrastinators—employees can easily get distracted, if they don’t have clear goals to achieve in the first place. This all leads to eventually a lot of fake work and very less actual work.

As a manager of your enterprise, you need to judge little and focus more on real things. To know who the indefatigable beacon of productivity is, you better know how your employees can pretend to work.

There are 6 common fake work scenarios as highlighted by Weekdone . Check the infographic below and find out all those pretenders at your office with pointless busywork, short attention spans, responsibility-deflection and procrastination and a cure to treat these bad employees too.

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