Employee Management: Emerging Trends for 2016-2017

It’s the mid of 2016 and it finally seems like there is a shift in employee management strategies. Things have changed since the end of 2015. We have seen unbelievable technological breakthroughs since 2014 and business practices are seeing new rising trend. Managers are using monitoring apps to manage employees who are handling crowdsourced projects like fleet businesses and other mobile businesses. If you are wondering why this is so, then the reason is the features that monitoring apps offer. TrackMyFone is one of the many apps that help employers track a target phone given to employees to observe everything employees do.

The objective of monitoring employees centers on ensuring work discipline and accountability. Employers of mobile workforces need to know that they can rely on their team and that people are dedicated to work. They need to know that employees are using their time effectively and not lazing around. If you are an employer in 2016/2017, then you’ll need these emerging trends for your mobile business:

Implement the latest IT Gadgets

You will have to consider redesigning performance management strategies. Recently, companies have adopted new policies for appraisals because they need to make sure their workers dedicate time to tasks. Using fleet business as an example, employers will need to know where each vehicle is at any given time so that they can tell the vehicle closest to a customer to go and pick him or her. For this, they will need GPS tracking. With TrackMyFone available in the market, employers can use this as a reasonable, accessible, and affordable solution to know the whereabouts of their team members.

Give Employees Space

You cannot bend over the employees’ shoulders all the time to make sure that they are not using their cell phones wrongly while at work. Besides, while they are out in the field, how can you make sure that they are misleading you about their whereabouts as they sit in some bar? Now, employers are using geofencing to know when their employees check in or check out of watch-listed venues. Without hovering over them or frustrating them with questions, using geofencing can help managers track the target employees’ cell phone via alerts that the app automatically sends to the employers.

Allow Use of Social Media

Many corporate businesses are turning to social media marketing, which has made it a necessity to allow employers to use Facebook, Instagram, and other similar websites. However, they need to monitor what their sales persons share with people via Facebook and Instagram to make sure that they don’t compromise company secrets in the process. Besides, while employers give their workers flexibility at work to use social media, they have to make sure that they stick to work and do not divert to games online.

Screen Browsing History

Employers can screen browsing history to assess mobile data usage and know if their employers are misusing the internet. With a monitoring app installed on the target cell phone, it is now possible to see how frequently employers use their cell phones to visit any specific sites. If employers have concerns about those sites, they can take action by calling the attention of the employee.

Focus on Time Management and Planning

Companies are becoming more cautious about maximizing time and resources to boost productivity and limit cost. This is why while managing mobile teams they need to schedule and plan beforehand. If there are changes in plans, they communicate it to relevant team members and make sure that things work smoothly and on time. By accessing the calendar on the target cell phone using TrackMyFone, employers can see if employees are aware about changes and they can make sure things work well.

By sticking to these emerging trends through 2016 and 2017, companies can make sure they boost their productivity through effective employee management.


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