5 Super-Easy Tips to Empower Employees

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It has been a few busy months with teen safety due to rising threats to teens for the safe use of technology.  But from this month, we are back with employee blogs. So make sure you to check our blog regularly for amazing managements and monitoring tips.

It’s our first blog in months for employers and there is no better way to start it than with a discussion on employee empowerment.

Every office has a bunch of employees; the ones who would make big promises but won’t step up when needed, or those who would just simply ignore eye contact during meetings to procrastinate any sort of contribution, Or, worst of all, those who simply give zero F*cks with whatsoever is going around with the overall performance of the company.

These are just some classic examples of employees who are not being empowered.

The level of empowerment of employees is directly related to how much empowerment employers decide for them. Failure to do so can lead to low employee productivity levels. They will also be less likely to be top performers or ready to be the future leaders of the company.

1.     Provide your employees a clear strategy

Empowering employees first of all requires something that can get them excited about to actively participate in the work. That excitement and urge won’t come unless you provide your employees with the company’s vision statement.

Vision statement is not your mission statement, which focuses mostly to serve the interests of the shareholders, explaining to them how company would be run for the coming years. A vision statement is drafted specifically to motivate employees. It breakdowns everything like where the company stands right now to where it’s going to be.

Placing the vision statement at the core of everything will keep employees focused and determined to achieve a common goal.

2.     Make Everyone Work towards the Same Goal

Empowered employees have the confidence and knowledge required to make decisions. To work on igniting that knowledge and confidence, make sure their personal goals match those of the company.

Employees who have a tendency to easily connect their efforts with the overall performance of the company will be able to make better decisions that are aligned with the vision of the organization.

So make sure you help your employees with setting up of individual goals, because a study by Gallup’s has come with the results that 2/3 of the employees strongly agree that providing with work priorities and goals make them more engaged. So remember, more engagement means more productivity.

3.     Don’t Fail To Reward your Employees’ Efforts

Keeping your employee confident and happy requires one simple initiative of reward and punishment.  Recognizing the efforts of those who show reconciliation towards company’s success and goals will ultimately lead to more motivated employees. It encourages employees to continue doing their work. It can also be very inspiring for others who work around these employees.

When employees know their thoughts and efforts are appreciated, they will try to provide more input, happily.

4.     Remove Hurdles and Give Assistance

As a manager of your company, it’s only you who can eliminate hurdles – like organizational practices and policies etc. that may be keeping employees from acting or feeling empowered. For example, if a company doesn’t support an extrovert and open communication culture, employees may feel less motivated to share their ideas and strategies with others.

Don’t rely on traditional hierarchical structure of communication at your organization. Instead, make it a two-way channel where employees’ feedback is appreciated and reflected into the company’s overall progress.

Invite and create opportunities where employees can discretely provide feedback, this will create a lot of new possibilities to make your organization a better place.

5.     Don’t Hover

To really make that all happen, employers really need to take a step back. Helicopter monitoring can have adverse effects on employees. Make sure you are using some less intrusive monitoring techniques. An employee monitoring app onto their electronic devices can serve the purpose.

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