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5 No-Phone Zones for All Parents and Kids

The invention of cellphones has influenced our cultural landscape. They have completely revolutionized the human society by expanding the communication arena and offering numerous other uses such as information access, playing games, online business, etc. People today are hooked to their phones, irrespective of their age. The alias generation is born in the lap of […]

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5 core values parents need to instill in their children

Raising kids today in a fast-paced and ever changing society is a daunting challenge for parents. Kids are born in the lap of technology and the proliferation of tech gadgets has influenced our cultural landscape. Therefore, in the current techno-digital era, instilling values in kids at a young age must be done with a sense […]

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Stop Sex Trafficking with TrackMyFone

On 5 March 2017, the horrible face of sex trafficking once again came into the light. A survivor of this gruesome reality of our society finally came forward as a voice for several other victims to say this is not okay. She was twelve when someone forced her into believing this is okay and started […]

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How to know if your child is addicted to selfies?

Snapping a flawless photo is what everyone is striving for nowadays. Be it tweens, teens or adults, they are equally enthusiastic about creating a perfect image of themselves—an image so good that it could be taken to the Instagram or other social media platforms. Pictures are not worth a thousand words, not any more. We […]

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