Busting the Myths and Exaggerations about Millennials

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It’s unfortunate that as a new generation enters the workforce, they are labelled with stereotypical attributes that resembles that of young people, which tend to stay with them for the rest of their work life. Millennials are an archetype of one such anomaly.

A global study conducted by IBM has aimed at breaking these stereotypes because Millennials will make up 50 percent of the U.S. workforce by the end of 2020. This is what they have found:

Myth #1: Millennials are unrealistic and have different goals from those of the older generations.

Fact: Millennials are just like everyone else. Even the baby boomers are indifferent to older generation’s goals. Millennials foremost goal is job and financial security. Can you blame them? No! This is why everyone decides to work in the first place.

So don’t expect unrealistic requests from your younger counterparts.

Myth #2: They want constant praise and acclamation for their work

Fact: Who doesn’t like recognition for their work? But saying that they Millennials are obsessed with constant praise is an exaggeration. What they want is a transparent culture that readily shares information which is ethical and fair.

Myth #3: Millennials are addicted to technology and they hardly know the boundaries between work and personal lives

Fact: The truth is that everyone is somehow addicted to technology and it’s not just the Millennials. Instead, Millennials’ preferences for learning and training are more inclined towards physical activities. They have lived through technological nuances and know the repercussions of the failure to keep their work and personal lives separate.

Myth #4: Millennials have weak decision making power

Fact: it’s not the Millennials but Gen X actually, who believe in soliciting tons of opinion before making a decision. Though Millennials hold the second place and only 49 percent of the baby boomers believe in casting a vote for their decisions.

Myth# 5: Millennials will only work at a place if their passions are satisfied

Fact: Millennials like others, want a job in the fast lane which can provide them enormous money and a creative workplace. Almost each generation shares the same reason for changing their jobs and money is a preference for every one of them.

Summing up

Bringing it all together, companies make a very grave mistake by allowing generational stereotypes to affect their decisions. One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is by learning the employees’ behavior. An employee monitoring software can help entrepreneurs with that.

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