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Keeping your 11-year-olds digitally safe

Some parents may overlook their kids’ growing age number, but there are a lot of changes that kids are going through everyday. Eleven is a number that is usually linked with the onset of adolescence in many kids, and this means, a lot of changes for the parents to deal with. As your kids turn […]

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If you want your child to be smart, take away the tablet and give them a guitar

Is your child genetically predisposed with extraordinary learning skills or does he need an ideal environment to flourish his cognitive abilities? Is it the genetics or the environment that determines the intelligence level of your child? Well, both, actually. And we aren’t saying that out of thin air. Scientists have been rigorously working on determining […]

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How Virtual Reality will affect your teen?

Sometimes I just think that parents aren’t as technologically challenged as we have presumed them to be. As a mother, I don’t find myself awing at terms like Augmented or Virtual Reality, nor do I have come across parents who don’t know how to use smartphones, Smart TVs, iPads, etc. And in fact, most of […]

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