Good News: Teenagers are not drugging, smoking or drinking like they used to in the past—study reveals



When we look around, the world seems to be approaching the apocalypse that we have always been hearing of since our inception. And this madness is especially seen amongst parents who consider their teens to be awfully irresponsible and addicts. But a new study regarding teens just reflects how negativity may be the reason why we can’t see the real facts. Or maybe, it just tells us that parents over cautious behavior might need a little reconsideration. Well, it does tell one thing to us for sure, teens are getting boring, apparently. But it’s a good news for parents, isn’t it? So let’s just see what this Michigan University research is all about .

The poll was first conducted in 1975 with 40000 students from 400 high schools across U.S. In 1997, 61 percent of the 8th-12th graders were alcohol drinkers. But now, the figures have dropped to only 40 percent for the same population.

Cigarette use was also high amongst teens during 1996-1997, but since then, it’s declining steadily. This year, it hits the lowest figures with just 13 percent saying that they smoke, as compared to 49 percent in 1997.

Binge drinking was also a real problem amongst the teens. The figures have dropped to 11 percent today from 22 percent in 2005, when the first time teen binge drinking rate was measured. Also, only 6.1 percent of the teens make up the binge drinkers for now

The use of illicit drugs have also shown a decline this year. These drugs include, marijuana, MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy or more recently as “Molly”), synthetic marijuana, heroin, amphetamine, prescription drugs like tranquillisers, sedatives, narcotics, LSD, methamphetamine and inhalants. Let’s see how each of these drugs use has increased or decreased over time.

MDMA: The term “Molly” is used      for referring to a special class of ecstasy that’s very strong. The results show significant declines in 2015.

Heroin: One of the most lethal drugs that can cause immediate death with overdose is heroin. The use of this drug has fallen by more than half since 2009, when the first time any declines were recorded. This decline hasn’t led to an increase in the use of other kinds of illicit drugs.

Synthetic marijuana: Also known as “K-2” or “Spice”, is a synthetic form of marijuana that has a chemical formation just like cannabinoids or marijuana. It’s sprayed onto plants and then used just like its natural counterpart. It is also one of the most lethal drugs because of its unpredictable chemical components. The use of this drug has reduced significantly in 2015.

Amphetamine: the decline in the use of this drug is fairly recent.

Other aforementioned drugs have also seen a decline in their use.

A moment of sigh for parents

Well it definitely is a time for rejoicing, but it’s also a moment of epiphany. Kids have one important trait—if they quit something, it’s actually substituted with something else. Though it might not be some other drugs they are getting addicted to, but parents also need to look at if the fall in drug abuse is substituted with an increase in the use of social media or any other obsession..

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