LGBT Bullying: Is Your Kid A Victim Too?

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The recent gay marriage bill passed in United States has brought revelations of ease for the LGBT community but still there are many layers of imperfections existent in our society. The passing of the bill doesn’t necessarily give the verdict that every resident of U.S. embraces Obama’s decision. Certainly, I am not advocating whether we should, or we shouldn’t, support the LGBT marriage but my real concern is with saving lives of all those kids who have been emotionally tortured and tormented as a fear of rejection by the society.

My heart floundered with distress after watching the picture of a kid on “Human of New York” page with tears in his eyes and the caption “I’m homosexual and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me.”

The Real Problem

To me, the real problem lies with rejection and hatred for the LGBT community. There is nothing that you can do about someone’s sexual orientation. It’s like telling someone to eat mangoes, when they like oranges.

There are many places where LGBTs are discriminated; not just the school, or the college, it’s everywhere. Instead it starts from home, where parents ignore the reality and start to hate their kids for what they are. Some parents believe that their homosexual kids have brought shame to their family. Just imagine the psychological pain and the resulting trauma that kid would have to undergo.

Around 50 percent of the teens have to face a negative reaction from their families when they come out as homosexuals. The mistreatment comes in many forms and around 30 percent of the kids experience physical violence and 26 percent are kicked out of their homes. In fact, 40 percent of the homeless youth comprise of LGBT.

LGBT bullying at school is very common, and with absence of Anti-LGBT laws, the peculiarity of the problem is intensifying. Around 85 percent of the LGBT children are verbally abused, 40 percent have to experience physical bullying and 19 percent have reported to confront physical assault due to their sexual orientation.

This such a grievous issue that it has increased the suicide rate amongst kids by 6 folds. Also, 30 percent of the LGBT kids have to skip their school because of the insecurity.

The solution

Beating your kids or turning them homeless is not the solution. If your kid has a different sexual orientation, try to accept it. There are parents out there who are positively raising their LGBT kids. Be one of them. If your kid stays depressed a lot, one reason could be that he is afraid to reveal his sexual orientation. One way to identify the cause of your kid’s depression is to use a parental control on their smartphone. By tracking their internet browsing history, chats and followings, you can quite well know what your kid has been going through.

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