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Explosive teens versus oppositional defiant: the right way to handle your child

Recently, I have had a conversation with parents who were complaining about their kids’ inability to control/regulate emotions, to adapt and be flexible to any change of plans on their request. Some teens simply get overwhelmed under such circumstance, while others may burst into tantrums, arguments and and absolute resentment and disagreement. When you do […]

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SKOUT: A perilous GPS-based social networking app for kids

One very important and contemporaneous issue of this time and age is teens getting comfortable with social media to meet and date new people, and eventually putting themselves in danger, inadvertently. Online dating and friendships aren’t that cool, and safe, as kid may presume apparently. This doesn’t only encourage teens to move into short-term relationships, […]

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Teen apps in focus: Everything parents need to know about LINE

LINE—another instant messaging app was designed during the Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan in 2011. The purpose for developing a Instant Messenger app was to provide people to connect with their families, coworkers and loved ones around the world through internet, because the natural calamity had left national communications collaterally damaged. Just like other social […]

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