10 essential parenting habits that you need to adopt before your kid turns 13 [Part 2]

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Let’s get back to where we left, because there are 5 more parenting habits that will help you be a better parent during your kids’ teenage.

1.      Take some time out for their friends

It’s generally believed that you can’t choose your kids’ friends, but that doesn’t mean, you have nothing to do with who they are making friendships with. There is a very high probability of being left out once your kids get into their teenage, that’s why, knowing their friends is the key to ensure that they will be safe without you being around them. This habit, in fact, can allow you to be around your kids. If your kids are talking with people you have never heard of, it’s time you get some acquaintance.

2.      Try to understand their interests

Things that interest your teen might not interest you at all. Like, whenever my son talked about Minecraft or Creepers, I just wished of knowing what did that mean. Eventually, I got there and  now I know what my kid is interested in. I sit down to hear what he wants me to hear and tell him that he’s right, just before giving away my last argument.

3.      Have similar hobbies

Don’t you like playing video games with your kid? Have you ever thought of how an alignment of your hobbies with your kids will help you be with them more often? Your kid may be interested in something else, like running or training with weights, get to know about it and starting taking some interest.

4.      Spend 3 minutes with them after tucking them into bed

There is something called bedtime magic. Conventional parenting wisdom tells us that the first 3 minutes before your kid goes to sleep and after they get up is the best time to mark an influence on them.

5.      Let them fail

You were responsible for your child’s survival in their early years, but when they are in their teen years, let them learn and grow on their own. Let them fail, or succeed. Give your kids some space that they will ask for during their teenage.

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