Anti-Bullying Month: Lesson #1—How to Bully-Proof Your Kid

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Can you save your child from bullies? Realistically, you can, but only partially. Once your child goes out of that front door of your house or whenever they holds a smartphone into their hands, there are endless way that circumstances can go out of control.

But protecting your child from being victimized from bullying, that’s a completely different story,.

Fundamentally, Bullying needs two people for its occurrence; the bully and the potential victim. If the latter knows how to deal with the intimidation of the harasser, there is not much they can really do about it. Bullies survive on a response from their victims, if they don’t get it, they simply move on to some other candidate of potential harassment. Follow these simple tips as a starter lesson and you will soon be able to protect your kid from many of the dangers associated with bullying.

Build Up Self Confidence in Your Kid

You can simply start by arrangements at home that would make your kid happy when they come back home. Start one-to-one activities with your kid on a daily basis and encourage their siblings to participate too. This would increase the tendency of your kid to speak up to you in the time of need. When they are encouraged to share their personal lives, they would come happily to you, no matter how big the catastrophe is.

Treat your kids like stars at home as that would put tons of confidence in them, the most precious antidote to bullying.

Improve Their Social Circle

Don’t let your kid isolate from others at school or any other place. Bullies are cowards, and they only go after kids who are seen are weak, feeble and alienated. Tell your kid to be a courageous person, even if they aren’t. After all, it’s only you and your kid who know that.

Half of the bullied kids are harassed online. So make sure you keep a check on their online activities using a parental control app.

Your kid will eventually say no to bullies; that’s the time when your kid would truly become a bully-proof.

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