Your Kids Too Are Probably Using Their Smartphone to Cheat in Exams

child exam cheat

It may come as a surprise to most of the parents that their kids cheat in exams or for quizzes in school. But this new study makes it pretty clear—Parents underestimate their children’s ability to cheat in exams, as only 3 percent believe that their kids cheat, whereas, 35 percent of the kids do actually cheat in their exams— more than 10x to what parents presume.

What’s worse is that many of the kids don’t even realize that they are cheating and those who do; they consider cheating as the only way to score high enough to get through their college.

Cheating is not just a measure of procrastination—for many kids, it’s their only key to meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.

Smartphones Use in the Classroom

Kids don’t use their smartphones in the classroom only to cheat—it’s their quick reference for studies, a notepad for making notes, and in general the best solution to all of their challenges.

Unfortunately, this multitasking is not good for their learning, as their attention is spread between the smartphone use and the teacher’s lecture. It’s also not healthy for the brain as a research has revealed that multitaskers have weaker brains and lower concentration level.

So one reason why you should have TrackMyFone on your kids’ smartphone is to know if they are using their smartphones during classroom.

How Do Kids Cheat With Smartphones?

You can’t really reduce the number of ways kids can cheat using their smartphones. But some common ways are:

  • Searching for answers online: Finding answers online isn’t difficult with Google’s advance search engine capabilities. Kids can find answers to almost any question. Luckily, cheaters are easy to catch with TrackMyFone that can be used to view the internet browser history of these kids.
  • Asking friends for answers using texts: kids can simply send questions to their friends, who can look for the answers from books or by searching online.
  • Storing photos of tests: even more convenient to all aforementioned is to have pictures of all the notes that may come for the exam.

Cheating in the exams is an alarming situation for parents, as someone who cheats in the classroom can learn to do the same outside the classroom. This can only be possible if cheaters are able to go around freely without any sort of accountability.

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