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4 signs your preteen daughter could be in danger

A recent, and rather highly appalling new report by Center for Disease Control has revealed that suicide rates amongst preteen girls, ages between 10-14, has been risen by almost 200 percent since 1999. But what are the reasons that the suicides have been increasing so quickly, and that too amongst preteen girls? How can parents […]

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How parents can be digital role models for their kids?

Technology is changing so abruptly these days that it’s highly difficult for parents to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends. And therefore, parents are oblivious about which rules would work fine and which ones won’t. A child’s digital education starts even before they get their first electronic device, because many parents allow their young […]

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Digital age parenting and pornography

Recently, an unexpected and groundbreaking news got people’s attention—as the famous Playboy magazine called for ending publishing nude and semi-nude photos of women for their magazine—something that was the epicenter of adolescent boys’ and men’s titillation. Pornographic content was the selling point of Playboy magazines and this news didn’t make sense to us, until Scott […]

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