Teen apps in focus: everything parents need to know about Vine

vine app for parents

There are so many ways teens use social media to share their happenings with others. First came up the text messages update via Facebook and Twitter. Then came up the Instagram that allowed for photo sharing and commenting on pictures. And now, there is an app that provides video sharing space for kids called Vine.

This app allows for short video clips to be shared with the viewing public. Though, it’s alright if the kids use this app for sharing of wacky and funny video clips but sometimes, it goes beyond that when these apps are used for inappropriate content sharing.

Embrace yourself to know everything about this app.

VINE—what is it about exactly?

Vine is video-sharing app that allows users to shoot six seconds of videos and share them with their Vine audience.

Founded in 2012, the app was acquired, just within a few months, by Twitter. The app is available for a free-download and it’s very easy to join. Users can setup a new, or use their existing Twitter account.

Vine is very similar to Twitter. You can follow others, scroll through their posts and even like them, if you want to. There are different categories available that you can follow. You can also add contacts through your phonebook or Twitter account.

Once the “Vines” are created, they are shared on Facebook or Twitter, typically. Others can also “revine” your shared videos, which is very similar to “retweet”.

What’s special about Vine?

Just like other social media apps, Vine allow teens to connect with strangers. In fact, the app gives you suggestions about connecting with people you don’t even know. The app is used by many famous artists and comedians. But the worst part—Vine is listed as an app having frequent sexual content.

Vine—Who are the users?

There are around 200 million users with it’s user base growing since the launch. Out of the total users, 71 percent are the millennials, while 31.8 percent are between ages 14 to 17. In terms of growth, the total users have risen by 639 percent since 2013.

Initially, the age limit was set to 12 years, but after many incidents of indecent content and public pressure, it has been increased to 17 years.

Teens and Vine—What’s the risk?

The app can easily allow kids to get exposed to pornographic content. Well, that’s not the only problem. Teens can also fall victim to peer pressure to create something “unique”. It’s this pressure that’s forcing teens to do stupid and crazy stuff.

The recent feature provided by Vine allow users to chat in private with friends and even strangers. This means, your kids can easily be reached out by predators and harassers.

So if your kid is on Vine, remember to follow them and talk about why they don’t need a Vine account when they can see every Vine video on YouTube and Facebook.

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