Peeple: An App That Rates People—Why Parents Need To Be Concerned?

Peeple parents concern

A new application is still on its way to hit app stores late this November but has already attracted a lot of controversy even before its release. Peeple is the first of its kind, which let user to rate other people. It works just like Yelp, except that it doesn’t rate restaurants, hotels, businesses or movies.  Geared towards humans, the app is likely to cause outrage by giving some nasty powers to the reviewers.

With this app, anyone can simply add a person through their phone number and start rating them. You can rate a person from 1-5 stars.

At TMF, we make sure that parents get all the necessary information about latest apps that hit the market and this app, in particular, requires some serious attention due to the intricacies involved around the whole system of rating people.

What Is Peeple?

It’s basically a review app that can be used to critique other people. It uses your real name and not IDs or avatars. To use this app, you must be 21 years old and have a Facebook account. The app uses information from Facebook to authenticate a profile.

Users will also be required to prove some connection with the reviewed person using categories like, professional, personal, or romantic.

If someone adds a positive review, it is automatically added to that person’s profile, but If the reviews involve low negative ratings i.e. two stars or below, then it would be first sent to the person being reviewed. If you are being reviewed but you haven’t setup an account, the other person would only be able to add positive reviews to your profile.

Do We Need An App Like Peeple?

The app has been created with a purpose of changing the orthodox way of learning about people through their glittery profiles. In its true manifestation, the app can come in very handy with finding a date, or roommates, People can also use it to learn about their potentials employees or bosses. The app can actually empower people, but leaves many concerns for parents.

Why Peeple Should Concern Parents?

The most intimidating part about Peeple app is its ability to add any person through phone number. The profile that’s once added to the system can’t be removed. When someone creates your profile, you receive a text about who created it.

With the profile set up, you are stuck. Once your name is added into the system, it’s going to stay there, forever. What makes it worse is that no reviews added to your profile can be deleted or changed. There is no control over what others may post about you or how they would rate you.

Even though Peeple is geared towards people 21 and older, tech savvy kids always find a way to bypass the authentication or verification process. But that might not be needed either, if Peeple doesn’t enforce minimum age requirements.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on People?

We have pulled four ways how parents can save their kids from the atrocities of this gruesome app, because we understand how a tarnished reputation can be dangerous for a child. Hurtful comments have a tendency to obliterate not only a child’s esteem but also future endeavors. Even though Peeple isn’t aimed at teens, parents might still need to build a proactive stance if their kids use it.

  1. Stay up-to-date with your kids’ social media activities.
  2. Provide them reading material on social media etiquettes.
  3. Educate your teens about safe use of smartphone apps. Tell them how devastating an app like Peeple can be for their future.
  4. Encourage your kids to resort for help as soon as they find themselves being hurt or victimized online.

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